APIs and SDKs

VSee offers API / SDK to build secure video & chat communications right into your own app or website.

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VSee Clinic API

If you are looking to build your own workflow based on our clinic API, do checkout

VSee Clinic API Documentation

This is a tool that provides solutions for:

  • Single Sign On into VSee Clinic platform

  • Patient / provider user management

  • Scheduling appointments

  • Run teleconsultations between patient / providers / invited parties

  • Manage patient and provider notifications (email, SMS)

For Embedding VSee Clinic into your applications, see Embedding VSee Waiting Room

VSee ClinicKit

VSee ClinicKit Integration Framework is a solution that enables other companies to easily integrate VSee Clinic's telehealth visit flow into their own mobile apps. With ClinicKit, developers can quickly and easily add telehealth capabilities to their apps, allowing users to seamlessly connect with healthcare providers from within the app.

Supported platforms: iOS, Android, React Native.


Browser Call SDK (Beta)

Use in-browser video calling in any web browser.

Supported platforms: Desktop web browsers, mobile web browsers.



If you have further enquiry, contact us for more information!

VSee Messenger API

If you are looking to build your own tele-health or video conferencing solution, do take a look at our VSee Messenger Web API

VSee Messenger Web API Documentation

This is a more generic video platform solution that allows to:

  • create users in VSee Messenger ecosystem

  • manage users' contact list

  • establish calls / chat sessions between users

  • pass the commands into the VSee Messenger app on desktop