Sign Up for a Developer Account

1. Create a clinic account

Create a clinic in VSee Preview. Fill up the details and an activation email will be sent to the email address.

Signup Form


Activation Message

2. Confirm your email and finish the setup

Check the registered email and follow the instructions to setup the clinic.

3. Log into your clinic dashboard

You will be redirected to the provider dashboard when the setup is completed.

4. Configure your API application

4.1. Fetch your API Key and API Secret

For Developers, the API Key/Secret can be found in the Admin Panel → Developers Menu.

  • Click the Developers menu in the Admin Panel. It will show the application list. Click the application name to show the details.

  • The popup will show the application details. Click the Key/Secret to show your API Key and API Secret.



4.2. Create an Admin token

Optional step. Click “Create new token” In order to create an Admin Token.

4.3. Use staging credentials

API endpoint: