Cerner Integration

With VSee’s integration with Cerner,

Providers can:

  • Schedule VSee video appointment with patient from Cerner’s Scheduling software.

  • Get notification within in PowerChart when patient has entered the appointment waiting room.

  • Chat with patients when they are in the waiting room.

  • Chat with other caregivers or staff to coordinate care.

  • Have multiple caregivers join/leave the video session 1-1 or multi-ways with patients throughout the same visit.

  • Additional benefits: Access other VSee Clinic features/modules from PowerChart, e.g. get consent for treatment during video session, forms and feedback, check patient’s health device data from the Remote Patient Monitoring dashboard, send care instructions and reminders and education materials, etc.

Patients can:

  • Received multiple customized notifications and reminders for their appointments.

  • Join VSee video session by

    • Option 1: join with 1-click / one-time use link in the browser with no download/install.

    • Option 2: join video appointment from Cerner’s patient portal with Cerner’s 3rd party video integration.

  • Invite other family members into the video session

  • Additional benefits: VSee’s low-code/no-code platform allows developers to build complete customized/branded patient app very quickly. Examples include:

    • Build a complete digital front door for patient engagement

    • Add customizable intake process with consents and other symptom assessment forms

    • Connect to medical and consumer health devices to track patient wellness

    • Manage medication and other chronic conditions

Integration workflows

Backend flow

This is done by the system application.

  1. Use FHIR Appointments SEARCH API to get appointments periodically → find video appointments and create on VSee clinic side

    1. Get patient’s info from the response

    2. Get provider’s info from the response

      1. user_datas.cerner_id

    3. Create a visit on VSee side

      1. visit_datas.cerner_appointment_id

    4. (Optional with Cerner’s 3rd Party video integration) Use FHIR Appointments PATCH API to patch video link back into the Cerner Appointment

  2. Patient receives email notification with video link from VSee

Frontend flow

This is done by the SMART app.

  1. Provider clicks a button to open VSee SMART app

    1. there’s 2 buttons - in the bottom left (Table of Contents menu) and in the top bar (Organizer)

    2. Top left (Table of Contents menu) VSee button only shows up in Patient Chart screen and will take user to the nearest appointment page for this patient.

    3. Top bar (Organizer) VSee button will take user to the dashboard page.

  2. SMART app sends a token with data to VSee endpoint with practitionerId and appointmentId and showDashboardPage

  3. Match Appointment ID to VSee visit id (cerner_appointment_id field in VisitData in VSee database).

  4. VSee calls Practitioner API using practitionerId to retrieve full provider’s data. Try to find a matching user record by mapping Practitioner’s NPI with VSee provider’s NPI

  5. VSee calls Appointment API using appointmentId. Try to find a matching user record by mapping Patient’s MRN with VSee patient's MRN

  6. Once the patient joined the meeting, call Appointment PATCH API to update appointment status on Cerner’s side. Status changes to checked-in on Cerner side.

When visit is completed, we Patch status to fulfilled (shows as checked-out in Cerner).


VSee/Cerner appointment synchronization and notifications/reminders


SMART App screenshots









  • Find by ID: get patient detail

  • Create: create a new patient

  • Patch: Update patient information


  • Find by ID: get provider detail

  • Patch: Update provider information

Location + Organization:


  • Search

  • Create

  • Patch

  • API:

  • Use search API to get appointments periodly → find video appointments and create on VSee clinic side

  • Use Patch API to patch video link

  • Once the patient joined the meeting, call Patch API to update appointment status

  • Use Create API to create a new appointment and Patch API to update current appointment status to cancelled (reschedule feature)


  • Search


VSee is actively developing and adding resources to support Cerner FHIR APIs. If you have specific needs for your project, please contact to discuss with our integration specialist. Here is a list of some our active implementations: